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Clients now search for innovative ways to experience the old. Give your business a complete transformation with our competitive customized solutions ... Read more

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

In a rapid growing industry environment, almost every utility has to face an endless number of competitors, new technology entrants, rigid forces, increased sustainability focus and digitally driven societies to name a few. For your business to stand out in this competitive world and achieve long-term growth, businesses will even need to focus on the so called lesser important activities and work on them accordingly.

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We offer you a flexible approach with our agile and effective solutions to help you manage both core and parallel activities smoothly. Our area of expertise in this domain covers sales management, meter operations & billing, customer service, customer financial management, supply chain management, F&A, and spend management. Our main objective is to utilize our knowledge and expertise in the best possible way for your advantage.


We are headquartered in Kolkata, India and have delivery centres across East and South India in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore. To know more visit us at ... Read more

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We are a fast growing business support services providers who are committed to earn client satisfaction by delivering industry specific quality solutions ... Read more

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